TIME and Young Companions


The other Saturday we received both of these in the mail. Rachel and I listed some of the similarities–they both are made of paper, they both have staples holding them together…


What similarities do you see?


The Terrifying Love

Is there a danger that we could describe God better than he is? Could we emphasize God’s love too much? I think not.

The love of God is extremely de-neutralizing. When we see it, we must reject it or embrace it. Apathy is destroyed.

However, as long as you don’t see it, you can pretend its not strong. You can pretend you aren’t good enough. Or that you are good enough. When you don’t see it you can pretend that it is earned. You can pretend that you can please God without loving God. You can pretend that you can make yourself love God. You can pretend that you are God. That’s why it is absolutely in the Devil’s best interest to obscure the love of God.

 Experiencing the love of God is wonderful and devastating. Your self-righteousness accounts for nothing. Your protection is stripped away. You experience one of the most frightening things a person can face. The immutable, overwhelming, holy, devastating look of love.

God’s love is not so small or so fragile that it must be balanced. I know of no place in the New Testament where it says we’re allowed to talk about God’s love, but we must make sure to mention his justice in the same sentence. A fairly loving God can be held at arms length. A God whose love is overpowering must be rejected or accepted.


A New Leaf

Where does the term turning over a new leaf come from?

Lets cut to the chase. This blog has been starting to bore me. And if its been boring me it almost certainly and without question is boring you too. I felt that a blog to serve missionaries was a lofty goal. I guess I still feel that way. I hope this blog continues to serve missionaries, since I have numerous missionary friends.

However, I’m going to treat it more like a personal blog. So it will now be more important that the content is interesting than that it is missions focused. I’ve already got one rant written and I took an interesting photo that I plan to share soon. Stay posted!

Missionary Bloopers

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Why You Should Consider Cancelling Your Short-Term Mission Trips

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