Week 4 Report: Friendship Evangelism, or at least Frienship

I’m trying to get a little something posted here before boarding a flight.

I had some friendly calling and texting with my sort of Baptist friend. No, we didn’t go spiritual, but I do still consider it a success from a contact point of view.

For the education of the week I listened to another one of Allen’s talks. I think this one pertained to evangelism and church planting. One take away was that if you plan on doing a NMBB based church, you should decide very specifically what your ideal ratio of MBB to NMBB.

Asia bound…


The Atheist’s Dilemma

In a podcast awhile back I heard about cosmicfingerprints.com. I didn’t get around to looking at it till recently. Its pretty interesting. One of the main insights is that DNA is a code. All code has a code writer. Therefore, DNA is a strong evidence for Intelligent Design. Perry Marshall distinguishes between patterns and code. Random events can create patterns, such as a wave or a snowflake. Code, however, must have a writer. There’s a lot more on the site, too. Check it out.

Evangelize like Jesus: Week 3 Report

This week had success and  failure.

The success was in learning about evangelism. On my quest to find a successful evangelist, a man called Allen seemed to rise to the top. I went to look up his number and in the process came across the BMA website where a number of his talks at Church Planting conferences are available for download.

The talk I listened to was Presenting the Gospel Innovatively. It wasn’t so much a master plan for success as a look at the Master’s methods in engaging people. It was good to open my mind a bit to the array of possibilities. One of the most interesting methods was  telling stories. For instance, when sitting on the bus with John Doe, you tell him the story of the Prodigal Son. Then you ask him what he thinks it means.

Allen says that if you want a non-Menno church you need to evangelize till you’re blue in the face, because to have a non-Menno church you need to bring people into your church faster than you have babies.

My fail this week was in not making any evangelistic contact. Maybe one of you did. Would you share the story with us?

P.S. In the aforementioned recording, Allen relates a humorous story involving his response to an affectionate couple in a park.