Are You Sure?

Are you confident your life is going to go great? Are you confident that your life will go poorly?

Sometimes in life, things happen.

No, things always happen:

good things, bad things, ugly things, pleasant things

You are not God, so you can neither control these things or know them before they happen.

There are some things one can be certain about. You might want to figure out what those things are, because you’ll need them.

Good News for Growth


Hey faithful and sporadic readers,

Yes, I have not been doing vibrantly with maintaining fresh content here. The sad truth is that as we move, it will likely continue to be sporadic, at best.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about some lately:

I’ve been reading a book by Brandon Hatmaker called Barefoot Church. I haven’t finished the book yet, but here’s what they do:

On most Sunday mornings they totally focus on just worship in the more traditional sense. Occasionally they skip a Sunday morning service and do good in the community instead.

They have small groups that meet during the week. Twice a month or so these groups do good in their community, working with non-profits and so on.

Here’s the thing I really like about their story. They have found that serving the least has genuinely promoted church numerical growth. Their partnerships with non-profits builds appreciation and respect in their community.

This isn’t about a watered down social gospel of some kind that just does good. Its service that opens doors to long term relationships.

Their church really is being good news in their world. As you might expect, bringing genuine good news is genuinely attractive.

Lets roll baby!

Want More?



Are you contented?

When a person feels a need to change, you can offer solutions. But if the person feels no need, what can you do then? Can you do anything?

Well, you could pray.

Are you discontented enough to pray for the content?


From the fantastic site,

Am I Stupid?


Here’s a really nice little article on regarding confidence about being right.



What If


In entrepreneurship, failure is almost guaranteed. The idea is to go out and get the failing out of the way so you can get on with real success.

I wonder what would happen if we applied that mindset to evangelism.

What if every Christian just went out and tried and tried, until something worked.

What if.



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