Week 1 Report


On my way in to Target I spied a fellow who seemed less intimidating than some. I followed him till he turned off the main aisle. The following is an approximation of our conversation:

Me: Here’s $10 if you answer 3 questions for me

Him: [Not looking convinced]

Me: Deal?

Him: [Still not looking convinced] What is it?

Me: Do you believe in a higher power?

Him: Yes I do.

Shucks, I was hoping he’d say what high power. Now I have to use up another question on it.

Me: What higher power?

Him: [Showing me a cross on his ear lobe] Jesus Christ

Me: Why do you believe in Him?

Him: Well, ’cause my parents raised me that way.

Me: [Handing him $10 bill and shaking his hand] Nice to meet you brother.

Him: Thanks! You just paid for my bags.

Me: God bless you [Exits stage]

Okay, so I got the personal contact part done for the week. The learning-about-evangelism part was, well, 1/2 credit?

I emailed a bunch of missionary and pastor types, asking them who came to mind as an especially effective evangelist. I decided against publishing the list here. Email me if you are interested. I’m hoping to interact with some of these people in the coming weeks.


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  1. TJ says:

    nice! that’s so cool.