Week 2 Report

The personal contact component of week 2 worked out nicely. In my mind, cold call evangelism has kind of been the holy grail of evangelism. If you can do that, you can do anything. In fact, if you’re good at it, you could probably be raking in big bucks in a sales job, but that’s a different topic.

However, I began to question a bit how effective it really is. It seems most people’s religious beliefs are pretty difficult to budge over the course of years, let alone a 5 minute hit and run. Luckily I was asked to participate at a Hands of Christ clean up project. We had started the clean up project on a prior day, so I had already started getting to know Leland.

So I asked Leland about his religious beliefs. Well, it turns out he was raised Presbyterian and was on his way to becoming a Baptist priest. Then as a part of his prep he studied world religions. He begin to note the similarities between religions. So the upshot is that he’s still sort of Baptist, but he is very open minded. He described some interesting theories on aliens and such, and invited further discussion.

On the learning something new about evangelism, it was an epic fail. Thursday evening it was decided I would take a drive to the East, returning on Sunday if things went well. They did, and I’m thankful for the blessing of safety. But no, I did not get around to networking with an evangelist. I didn’t have time. I was busy getting a car.

Doesn’t that sound so familiar. I just couldn’t get around to it. I’m just too busy. Blah, blah, blah. The truth for me and for you, is that if you ain’t evangelizin’ or learnin’ bout it, its cause you don’t feel like it. So we see that apparently I don’t feel like networking with evangelists. Maybe this week I will be able to push through.

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